We take our work seriously

We are a well-coordinated team of young people who love their work. We pride ourselves on teamwork, knowledge development and the use of modern technologies in practice.

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Our long-term partners

  • AXA
  • Aevi
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • ebay
  • T-Mobile
  • UniCredit
  • Volkswagen Financial Services

Our mission

We believe that people are able to achieve extraordinary results, especially when they work together. That’s why we allocate talented IT people to teams. We place great emphasis on developing our own knowledge and skills. We create a friendly, collaborative environment in which the development of an individual goes hand in hand with the development of the whole team. We provide our customers with expert consultations, custom software and our own products. Our products and services help people in businesses improve collaboration and process data.

Where we came from

“We founded MoroSystems in 2006 with the vision of building a business based on people and their capabilities, not processes and regulations. Today there are 152 of us, we have offices in 4 cities and we are constantly growing. We are still keeping to our original vision."

Tomáš Páral, founder

Where we are going

“Our ultimate dream is to participate in realizing interesting and innovative projects for customers from all over the world. We cannot see into the future, but we will work hard to make our dream a reality.”

Stanislav Hybášek, founder

Our values

  1. We are constantly improving our knowledge If we don't know something, we'll just learn it.
  2. We keep to our word We make promises that we can deliver. If something goes wrong, we'll say it straight.
  3. We work as a team We work together and help each other. We are colleagues and friends.
  4. We see the changes as an opportunity Life is a constant and never-ending change. For us, this means endless opportunities to be better.
  5. We build relationships on trust and loyalty We are not looking for short-term victories. We strive for long-term relationships with colleagues and clients.
  6. Every voice matters Successful cooperation with the customers is based on people, open communication and mutual respect.

The key to the best solution is our 152 people

Tomáš Páral/ Founder, CEO

“I have always believed that a team is more than an individual, that promises are to be fulfilled, commitment and the will to stand out distinguish successful from unsuccessful and long-term relationships based on trust are beneficial for both sides.”

Tomáš Páral

Stanislav Hybášek/ Founder, Business Unit Manager

“I believe that one should only do what he enjoys and what makes sense to him. At our company, we strive to create an environment where we feel good about ourselves, we build it on the values ​​we recognize and we do it so it is fun to work together.”

Stanislav Hybášek

Petr Michálek/ Sales Director

3 years with us

“I build business on mutual respect and a common human approach. I believe that only in this way can working relationships be built. That is why I strive for friendly communication focused on the real needs of our business partners.”

Petr Michálek

Jana Jurčíková/ Delivery manager

2 years with us

“I have been responsible for delivering IT projects for over 8 years. I have participated in the implementation not only of major projects for the state administration, telephone operators, insurance companies, but also large manufacturing companies.”

Jana Jurčíková

Radek Petr/ Head of Delivery

2 years with us

“My mission is to identify the potential of our clients and help them use it to gain a competitive advantage. I have been successful in doing this for a long time thanks to our unique team of IT specialists, the values ​​we follow together, and the use of an agile approach to delivering software.”

Radek Petr

Radek Teichmann/ CTO

12 years with us

“I started out as a developer at MoroSystems and gradually moved to today's CTO position. In addition to promoting people's knowledge sharing, I focus on working with our key customers, AEVI and Diebold Nixdorf. We deliver solutions based on data processing and high-loaded systems.”

Radek Teichmann

Ondřej Havel/ Atlassian Leader

3 years with us

“I've been in the software development environment for 14 years. I went through various positions from developer on various platforms, analyst and project manager to company management. I enjoy building new systems and passing on my know-how.”

Ondřej Havel

Pavel Šindelář/ Solution Architect

8 years with us

“I primarily participate in large solutions for the authorization and processing of payment transactions. As an architect, I work with customers to design applications, architecture, data model and overall technical solutions that we are increasingly building on cloud technologies, especially AWS.”

Pavel Šindelář

František Špaček/ Consultant

2 years with us

“At MoroSystems I work as a consultant and help our customers improve their business processes. I use my experience with Atlassian tools and ITIL processes. I always try to tune into the same wavelength of the client and recommend the best solution based on my experience.”

František Špaček

Miloš Zikmund/ Senior Java Developer

3 years with us

“I have been in IT for over 11 years, mostly as a Java developer and web application consultant. Now I work as a team leader and take care of the training of our people and improving the quality of projects. I do it by developing customised training plans and setting up unified procedures for working.”

Miloš Zikmund

Jiří Šebesta/ Solution Architect

7 years with us

“I have been working in IT for 11 years, of which I have been part of the MoroSystems team for over 7 years. As a developer, team leader and an architect I have participated in the implementation of several large transaction systems.”

Jiří Šebesta

Martin Dulák/ Senior Developer

2 years with us

“In the past 5 years, as a team leader and architect, I've been responsible for projects with thousands to millions of users. I have completed self-care zones, public portals, intranets, or project management systems. Every project has been very different but my approach has always led me to success.”

Martin Dulák

Lukáš Marek/ Senior Developer

5 years with us

“My goal is to simplify and streamline the work of our clients and my own people through DevOps automation. I have been developing web applications for 8 years, focusing primarily on Java backend. For the third year I have also been a team leader specializing in long-term projects.”

Lukáš Marek

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