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We are official partners of Atlassian since 2010. Our team uses JIRA and Confluence for everyday business since 2008. The purpose of our work is to enable you to use a full potential of Atlassian tools, simplify the work and increase your productivity.


Purchase of licence

Let's gain substantial added value from us when buying the licenses.


Consultations & implementations

We specialize in the implementation of Atlassain tools to companies and organizations more than 6 years.


Atlassian Technical support

At MoroSystems we will take care of everything, so that you can concentrate on your business.


Integration of Atlassian Tools

We ensure perfect consistency of your Atlassian tools and their integration into the corporate software.


Operation and Hosting of Atlassian

We will provide technical support, operation and hosting of Atlassian tools in our cloud or in your environment. In both cases, we can ensure high availability of Atlassian applications and services.


Atlassian tools Training

Sign up for one of our public training courses, or order a customized training session.

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