Company history

You know stories like ours. You have seen them in films, read about them in books. If we leave out the crises, relationships and the love interest, it can be summed up in one sentence. In 2004, three IT classmates started to earn a bit of extra money by developing software in Java, they founded a company in 2006 and nowadays employ more than 120 colleagues.

 Tomáš, Standa a Peťa začínají podnikat pod značkou


Tomáš, Standa and Peťa started to do business under the brand

Založili jsme MoroSystems, černého koně vývoje software


We founded MoroSystems, the dark horse of software development.

Změnili jsme vizuální styl a tvář firmy


We changed the visual face of the company.

 Stali jsme se Atlassian Experty.


We became Atlassian Experts.

Foto: Wiki by Boris7 - Public Domain


We opened a development centre in Hradec Králové.


We opened an office in Prague and expanded into Slovakia.



We worked on projects from all over the world. We visited clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Po pěti letech měníme tvář firmy


After five years, we changed the face of the company.