J2J Issue Sync

The J2J Issue Sync is used to link two or more JIRA installations, which are used by various entities that have a need to communicate together. Communication takes place at the level of individual tasks – so there is no need to synchronise the entire installation, but only configured portion.

Do you collaborate with partners who also use JIRA and still want to have a project or issue in your installation? You no longer have to copy the issue among yourselves. Synchronization is possible for entire projects or issues, or selectively at the level of individual fields, comments, attachments, labels, statuses etc. You yourself define what will be synchronized and where, based JQL queries or by synchronizing levels of workflow or mapping fields.

Partner installation of JIRA acts just like a user in your installation, for whom you precisely configure authorizations. This perfectly protects your sensitive data.

J2J Issue Sync Features

  • Two-way synchronization of between individual JIRA installations
  • Synchronization takes place automatically based on set rules
  • Based on the configuration, it is possible to create new jobs from one installation to another, or by means of add-ons to already existing jobs, synchronizing them at the level of transitions workflow, the values of individual fields, comments, attachments and the like.
  • Changes are saved to history, including the dates and times of changes, and your receive notification of all changes
  • Security is perfectly maintained – the partner installation can only see a predefined portion based on pre-set user authorizations

Cooperate with your suppliers, customers or co-workers using JIRA.

We can provide

  • Professional consultation and analysis of possibility of using the system in enterprise
  • Training of administrators and users of system
  • Administration of system, hosting
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Development of custom add-ons for the individual client’s needs
  • Sell, installation and integration of own add-ons: Confbox add-on, Easy Mind add-on, SLA Plugin, Work Report plugin, ALM Pack
  • Sell of 3rd party add-ons: choice of more than 1 000 application extending add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace
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