Atlassian tools Training

Complicated things can be done simply. Based on your requirements, we will prepare training or tailored training. Depending on your options and preferences, the training can take place in our training facilities or directly at your company, in your workplace. With us you will learn how to effectively use and manage Atlassian systems.

We Train

  • System administrators
  • End users
  • General principles of working with Atlassian tools – most often JIRA and Confluence
  • JIRA and Confluence for agile software development
  • Specific and specific sections of Atlassian tools tailored to the customer

During training we use the knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the more than six years of implementing Atlassian tools in Czech and Slovak companies. The recommended length of training is 1-2 days, depending on the scope.

Our Tailored Training for Atlassian JIRA Administrators

  • Installation and administration
    of systems

    • Installing JIRA
    • Managing JIRA system licenses
    • Basic operations of the JIRA system
    • Logging and profiling the JIRA system
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Other useful system tools in JIRA for system administration
    • User Management
    • Management of system expansion
  • Management and Configuration of the System

    • Project management at the JIRA system administrator level
    • Project management at the level of JIRA project head
    • Workflow Management
    • User fields
    • Managing screens
    • Notification schematics
    • Security schematics and security settings

We can provide

  • Professional consultation and analysis of possibility of using the system in enterprise
  • Training of administrators and users of system
  • Administration of system, hosting
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Development of custom add-ons for the individual client’s needs
  • Sell, installation and integration of own add-ons: Confbox add-on, Easy Mind add-on, SLA Plugin, Work Report plugin, ALM Pack
  • Sell of 3rd party add-ons: choice of more than 1 000 application extending add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace
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