Consultations & implementations

We have been specializing in the implementation of JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and other Atlassain tools at companies and organizations for over 6 years. During this period we have gained unique knowledge and experience, which we use to support our customers as well as ourselves. We have implemented Atlassian tools at MoroSystems not only to support software development, but also the back office, accounting, sales, technical support and HR.

Our experts are able to maximize the potential of using Atlassian tools for your teams. How do we do it? We listen to your needs and based on our knowledge, experience and best practices, we create long-term solutions that meet your business needs. We will simplify your work and allow you to devote more time to working on the result. We provide a complete service relating to Atlassian and Atlassian tools. There is nothing that we cannot handle.

Request consultation and implementation of Atlassian tools

We are experts in the following areas

  • Implementation of JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Core
  • Implementation of Confluence and Hipchat
  • Implementation of development tools by Atlassian
  • Implementation of systems in change management
  • Implementation and use of Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Folio, Tempo Planner
  • Agile development using Atlassian tools
  • Optimization of Atlassian tools
  • Integration of Atlassian tools
  • Migration and upgrades of Atlassian tools
  • Development of Atlassian plug-in
  • Support of Atlassian tools
  • Atlassian *

The Ideal Way to Implement Atlassian Tools

Based on our experience, we have developed the following process for the perfect implementation of Atlassian tools to companies.

Our recommended implementation method consists of:

  • An introductory workshop to familiarize the research and development team with Atlassian tools and collect the requirements of the research team for a system
  • Based on the findings from the workshop, we perform a gap analysis and suggest the best solution
  • We present our solution to the research team, including a bid and a timetable for implementation
  • We recommend implementing Atlassian tools at organizations in the iterations depending on the minimum viable product
  • Before launch of operation, we recommend both user and administrator training of key personnel in the organization to maximize the benefits of the implementation of Atlassian tools
  • We launch the system operation and, where appropriate, provide technical user support

Request consultation and implementation of Atlassian tools

We can provide

  • Professional consultation and analysis of possibility of using the system in enterprise
  • Training of administrators and users of system
  • Administration of system, hosting
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Development of custom add-ons for the individual client’s needs
  • Sell, installation and integration of own add-ons: Confbox add-on, Easy Mind add-on, SLA Plugin, Work Report plugin, ALM Pack
  • Sell of 3rd party add-ons: choice of more than 1 000 application extending add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace
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