Diagnostics for Atlassian tools

You have probably been using Atlassian systems for several years and are asking yourself whether you have them configured in the best possible way. We will analyze your entire environment and compare it with our knowledge, experiene and best practices.

We will provide you with a report containing our findings and recommend improvements. The report and recommendations will include our offer to implement our recommendations.

We are here for you especially when:

  • Your Atlassian systems are slow or very slow. Know that Atlassian systems including JIRA and Confluence can be hellishly fast
  • Even minor changes in settings take a few hours or days
  • A change in settings causes unwanted changes settings in places you would not expect
  • You have hundreds of user groups in the system and are not using them
  • You are dealing with a disproportionate number of incidents in the environment, where Atlassian tools are running
  • You are not familiar with the information architecture of data stored in the system

To be able to process the “health” examination, we will need administrator access to your servers, applications and databases. Depending on the size of the environment, health screening will take 2-3 days.

What Do We Focus on During the Diagnostic Check Up?

During the check up, we will analyze the following elements:

  • Hardware and correct set up of virtual machines
  • Operating system settings
  • Database settings
  • Settings of the Java Virtual Machine
  • Proper memory and CPU usage
  • Settings Atlassian systems and applications
  • Backup settings
  • Settings of Web servers
  • Application Integration
  • Security settings
  • E-mail settings
  • Logs and logging
  • Plugins
  • Information architecture of data stored in systems

We can provide

  • Professional consultation and analysis of possibility of using the system in enterprise
  • Training of administrators and users of system
  • Administration of system, hosting
  • Integration with other enterprise systems
  • Development of custom add-ons for the individual client’s needs
  • Sell, installation and integration of own add-ons: Confbox add-on, Easy Mind add-on, SLA Plugin, Work Report plugin, ALM Pack
  • Sell of 3rd party add-ons: choice of more than 1 000 application extending add-ons from Atlassian Marketplace
Mgr. Tomáš Páral

Petr Michálek Sales Director

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