We will be better with you

We connect the most capable people in IT in our teams. How? We respect diversity and give them space. Because each of us is different, but we are better together.

Vacant positions

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Our long-term partners

  • AXA
  • Aevi
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • ebay
  • T-Mobile
  • UniCredit
  • Volkswagen Financial Services

Who are looking for

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You haven't found your dream position, but do you think you would like it here? Contact us at kariera@morosystems.cz and we will come up with something together.

We celebrate birthdays, team achievements and welcome newcomers together. You can find a lot of rituals here.

The technologies, that are in at the moment, are Java, JavaScript (React/Angular), Spring, AWS, Atlassian or Docker.

For every 1 km that we run, cycle or swim, we donate CZK 1 to a charity which we choose together. Last time we raised 47 977 CZK!

We like good food. And it’s great if we can enjoy it together.

We visit 20+ conferences every year, organize 3 hackathons and write 12 blog articles.

Have a look at us in our Culture Book. Next time your story may be in it.

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“We based MoroSystems on common values. We care that people feel good here, want to be here, can grow and do a great job. Only that way we will all be happy.”

Tomáš a Standa
founders of MoroSystems

Tomáš and Standa founded MoroSystems whilst still studying in 2006.

There were nearly 150 of us at the spring team workshop!

We had good fun at our 2018 Christmas party.

Roman is a master at making funny videos, collages and memes.

We like sending messages to each other from our holidays.

We will offer projects which matter

You can find payment systems thanks to which people can pay at the petrol station around the whole world and also systems for ATMs. We develop customised solutions for campaign management in eBay. We have launched our own product which helps the cooperation of project teams.

You will be part of a top team

The best development teams run Agile, use GIT and strive for Continuous Delivery. We are among them. We have a clever development process based on cooperation with the customer. You will be part of a stable company with a great reputation on the market and perfect results.

We will support you in training

You will have 5 days a year to devote to your own training. You can choose from self-study, training, Udemy courses or conferences. Last year we visited Spring IO, Devoxx, DockerCon, KotlinConf or Happiness at Work. We learn from each other and share experiences from conferences and projects at internal workshops.


6 years with us

Senior Developer from Hradce Králové

“I was surprised that at the first meeting I felt like a member of the team. Since then I have been gathering experience in new technologies and travelling hundreds of kilometers around the world working on projects where I still have a lot to learn.”


2 years with us

Analyst from Brno

“The people at MoroSystems supported me in my decision to move from a completely different field to IT. I learn from the best and I'm very happy here.”


6 years with us

Senior Developer from Hradce Králové

“I don't go to work with my colleagues, but with my friends. I enjoy joint events, conferences, hackathons and the opportunity to influence the operation of the project and the whole company. I'm thankful for that."


3 years with us

Analyst from Prague

“Unexpectedly relaxing first meeting, no pre-prepared questions, eBay as a client and SCRUM. I knew immediately that I wanted to work here, create or just be on this team.”


5 years with us

Senior Developer from Brno

"I really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, the feedback on my work and the many like-minded people I like to spend time with."

You will immediately become a part of us when...

  1. You want to improve yourself You enjoy learning new things. If you don't know something, you'll just learn it.
  2. You keep your promises What we agree on, stands. And if something doesn't go as planned, you can bring our attention to it early.
  3. You're a good mate You like working with others. You meet your colleagues halfway, and if you don't know what to do, you're not afraid to ask.
  4. You take change as an opportunity You approach changes in life with ease. You see the possibility to grow in new challenges.
  5. Good relationships matter to you Naturally, you respect others and can deal with them in the long term.
  6. You can voice your opinion We welcome your ideas and feedback. We are counting on you to appreciate ours.