Programme for students and graduates

Students and graduates can do unbelievable things and we believe in cooperation with them. We are happy to involve them in real projects and give them the opportunity to fulfil themselves and give a piece of themselves to the work which they perform. At the same time, we support them in preparation of their Bachelor’s and Diploma theses.


  • Delivery of a CV
  • Personal interview
  • Technical interview
  • Offer
  • Commencement of employment
  • Study example and real projects


Specialist knowledge of Java EE platforms on a university level is the basic requirement. Knowledge of and experience with Spring Framework, Hibernate, databases, HTML/CSS/JavaScript or alternative libraries is an advantage. Knowledge of another programming language is also an advantage because we believe that if somebody is a great programmer for example in PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, they are only a small step away from also being a great programmer in Java. We will gladly help them with that. If you have experience with work on commercial projects this is a great advantage for us.

No scholar ever fell from the skies and we believe that if you have the basics from school and the desire to work on yourself, to educate yourself and to learn new things, you will soon learn everything you need.

The one thing you cannot learn is the way you are and the values you profess. Because we believe in teamwork, it is important for us that you profess the same values as us.


  • We are perfectionists and uncompromising in the quality of our outputs and services.
  • We are not afraid of commitment. Rocky Balboa is our role model. We learn. We train. We never give up. Success happens.
  • We keep our word, whatever the cost.
  • We are a team. Like the musketeers – One for all and all for one.
  • We are flexible. Changes are a challenge for us and an opportunity to learn something new.
  • We trust each other and we are loyal. To the team, the company, our customers, and our partners.

Open positions for students and graduates

Please, look at the czech version of our web pages for current vacancies. Thank you

Do you want to work with us, and couldn't you find a suitable open position for you? Let us know about yourself anyway! We will be happy to create a position of your dreams.

Why choose us

  • We work on ourselves. Nothing stops us.
  • We keep our word. Always and whatever the cost.
  • We play together as a team. One for all and all for one.
  • Changes are opportunities, not obstacles.
  • Trust and loyalty form the basis of a solid relationship.
  • We create an environment based on the people.

Careers We are looking for talented colleagues to work as Java EE programmers, analysts and team leaders. Join us