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AEVI: GoodData & Keboola solution

We have created a solution for reporting and tracking business indicators for transaction systems operated by AEVI.

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Project duration

2016 – present

Team size


Technology used

Java, AWS, Keboola, GoodData, Snowflake


Customer requirement

The aim of the project was to bring AEVI and its customers added value based on data provided by AEVI processes in its transaction systems.


We have created a solution that enables AEVI customers to keep track of important information and business indicators including their graphical interpretation. We have created a tailor-made development team for the client, which provided analysis, preparation of databases, reports and their graphical interpretation. We realized the whole project in the forms of consultations and implementations over the Keboola and GoodData platforms.

Interesting facts and challenges

Centralization of data from different sources to data warehouse, correct definition of business requirements and development on Keboola and GoodData platforms were the biggest challenges in the project.

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