Containerization of Applications




Containerization of AEVI Services Applications

We have designed and implemented containerization of a set of applications for managing users and viewing payment transactions.

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Project duration

07/2017 – present

Team size

3 people

Technology used

Docker, Java, Angular


Customer requirement

The client decided to containerize AEVI Identity Management, AEVI Dashboard and AEVI Merchant Portal. The goal was to help the internal operations team to simplify application operations in dozens of environments and the development teams to accelerate the development process. It was necessary to prepare applications for running in the cloud and their containerization using Docker technology.


Containerization brought significant time savings to the client when deploying applications to individual environments. This freed up capacities that could be used elsewhere. It also reduced the number of errors that had been previously caused by manual intervention. At the same time, the stability of the environment was increased, the development of features was facilitated and the operating costs were reduced. 

In the first phase, we conducted an analysis and introductory discussions with the client to find out how the current applications are deployed. This was followed by analysis and containerization of selected applications and their deployment into a test environment to verify trouble-free operation. In the last phase of the project we thoroughly tested the solution. During the handover we provided the client with detailed training on how containerized applications operate. We are currently providing technical support and containerization and optimization of other applications.

Interesting facts and challenges

In addition to speeding up and simplifying the development and deployment process, the solution also supported the build and CI / CD support, scalability and automation.

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