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AEVI Pay Server

We have transferred the centralized transaction processing solution that connects tens of thousands of payment terminals to the cloud.

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Project duration

04/2019 – present

Team size

5 people

Technology used

Java, Spring ecosystem, Amazon Web Services


Customer requirement

The client wanted to move from the existing on-premise infrastructure to AWS cloud infrastructure and further develop the solution using the latest technology. The project therefore included mainly the modification of the existing solution so that it can run in a public cloud and take full advantage of what the cloud infrastructure brings.


The transition to the cloud infrastructure has enabled the client to become independent of their existing on-premise vendor infrastructure, to enter new markets and to scale the increasing burden of growing numbers of clients. In the first phase, we implemented several POCs with selected AWS services to verify their usability in terms of functionality and cost.

Verification and selection of AWS services for each area was followed by the implementation phase, during which we participated in the design and delivery of modifications to the entire solution. We were mainly solving the replacement of the Oracle database, adjusting the architecture of the application to allow unlimited horizontal scaling on a global scale and replacing some components with serverless service. Fulfilling of PCI DSS and other legal requirements were also included.

Interesting facts and challenges

The solution includes heavy loaded mission critical system, high availability, zero downtime maintenance / deployment, scalability, high performance and PCI DSS compliance.

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