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AXA web portal redesign

We provided a complete functional and graphical redesign of the client contract management portal and its transcription over the new technology platform.

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Project duration

12/2017 - 04/2019

Team size

12 people

Technology used

Java, Liferay, React, Postgres, and Docker


Customer requirement

The customer asked us to rewrite and redesign two PHP-based web applications. Due to the evolution of technologies, the existing solutions would be difficult to maintain in the future. In addition, they did not allow the further development of the portal’s online services to meet the growing demands of AXA and its clients. The customer originally wanted to redesign the Liferay technology platform and was looking for experts in the field. One of the main requirements was to allow data and system changes to be available in the shortest possible time.


Based on the client’s requirements, we have designed and developed a modern, fast and design-tuned client portal that allows AXA clients to conveniently manage contracts. Since the beginning we used agile development, with the analysis and assignment received directly from the customer before each sprint. Together with the client, we continuously checked whether the scope of the entire project could be developed with respect to the set deadline and budget. The project was completed and successfully put into use in April 2019.

Interesting facts and challenges

The customer was part of the development team from the beginning and participated directly in the development. The biggest challenge was to make changes to contracts and client profiles online.

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