We have taken over the management of the investment P2P application of the Czech FinTech company Bondster. Not only have we successfully containerized more than 35 modules of the application and set up automatic deployment, but we have also managed to complete greenfield development.

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03/2020 – 2022


3 - 5 FTE + 24/7 support team


Java, MongoDB, AWS, Scala, Akka/Actor framework, React, Redux, Spring



Bondster is a Czech FinTech P2P platform which interconnects investors from the general public with those interested in a loan. Bondster is one of the globally respected online P2P players and is growing exponentially. After less than 3 years, it has managed to attract investors from a total of 73 countries in 4 continents.


The app we are working on together allows people to invest in secured loans with a proven repayment history, works with investors’ money, calculates interest based on repayments and all the financial operations involved. It is also used to create the basis for accounting and create orders for bank transfers. Apart from development, we also provide 24/7 operation for Bondster.


Taking the finished application into our management presented us with a number of challenges. First of all, we had to catch up on three years of platform development and knowledge of its complex architecture in three months. The Bondster application is a modular application that contains more than 35 modules – microservices.

During the handover, we focused mainly on the containerization of individual modules along with the setup of automated deployment. In addition, we had to build development and production environments on the greenfield along with their monitoring and log aggregation. 

Filip Čermák / COO at BONDSTER Marketplace

Client testimonial

“Last week the team from MoroSystems managed to transfer our application to their environment, which I consider a great success, given the short timeframe and they deserve my compliments. The team did a really great job and it is clear that contacting MoroSystems was a good choice. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next stage of cooperation when we start developing new functionalities together.”

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