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Custom Move App for Česká spořitelna

We have developed an application which enables Česká spořitelna significantly easier agile project management.

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Project duration

09/2019 - 01/2020

Team size

6 people

Technology used

Java, React, Atlassian Jira


Customer requirement

Česká spořitelna has undergone significant agile transformation in recent years. A key element of this transformation was the introduction of the Spotify model for project management, which also required the adaptation of Atlassian Jira tools. This created the need for a Custom Move application, a separate multi-step application screen similar to Move screen in Jira. The solution greatly facilitated the use of an agile approach to project solutions. It enabled the client to easily select the required actions, including the addition of “tribe” and “squad”. Custom Move application is part of FuJira project management platform, developed by Česká spořitelna.


In the first phase we had performed an analysis of the assignment, which we subsequently adjusted with respect to the client’s real need. Then the actual development of the Custom Move application proceeded in agile mode using Java technology and React. During the development we had to react to a large number of changes and continually modify the assignment. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain the continuity of solutions for projects which had already been running. In November 2019 we released the first version of the app called Custom Move I, to which we immediately started implementing additional requirements. At the end of January 2020 we released Custom Move II.

A “health check” of customer platform FuJira was made prior to the deployment of the application to ensure seamless implementation. We performed a complete review of system configuration from the administration point of view. At the same time, we checked the current state of ‘Jira instance’ with focus on its performance and possible future difficulties. We recommended the client to make several changes to settings, reduce used add-ons and helped design additional tests to ensure future functionality of the application.

Interesting facts and challenges

The project has seen a very strong integration of the client’s team into our development team. Throughout the development we were in constant contact and were adjusting the assignments to meet the new requirements. The client ‘s team also regularly joined our standups to keep informed about everyday actions on the project.

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