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CNC: Migrating Jira and Confluence from server to cloud

We helped the media house Czech News Center (CNC) migrate Jira and Confluence to the Atlassian
Cloud. We also optimized the instance and saved costs for the client.

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Project duration


Team size

3 migration specialists and 1 project coordinator

Technologies used

only native Jira and Confluence features



CNC is one of the largest media houses in Central Europe. The company fills 40 websites with multimedia content every day, and also produces 4 printed dailies (e.g. Blesk, E15) and 45 magazines (e.g. Reflex, ABC, Svět motorů etc.).

As the end of sales and support of Atlassian server tools is approaching, CNC decided to switch to Atlassian Cloud. However, the team that normally handles Atlassian tools at CNC did not have the expertise to run and complete the migration. So they left the entire migration to experts from our Atlassian team.


The migration process itself started with an analysis or ACM (Assessment of Cloud Migration). During the analysis, we focused on all the pain points and pitfalls that could arise during the migration. We identified what could not be migrated to the cloud and elaborated on the alternatives.

At the same time, we optimized the instance. During the optimization process, we were able to replace some of the apps that the client was using on the server with native Jira features, and the client saved costs. The analysis was followed by several rounds of test migrations, during which we fine-tuned the migration.

Then, during the weekend, the live migration was performed. The final step was our two-week “babysitting”- a period of time during which we were on hand for CNC when needed.



During the migration, despite all the testing, our Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMH) app, which is supposed to create a ticket in a configured project based on an email received, did not work. All schemas were set up correctly, the email arrived in the mailbox, but the ticket simply would not get created for some reason, due to insufficient authorisation.

Eventually we discovered that the JEMH app service account did not have any access to Jira. Since these accounts cannot be managed in a standard manner in the administration, we tried workarounds. This only made the JEMH app work for us in some projects. In the end, it was necessary to connect with the application vendor and run the Test case function over the profile – only then were we able to get the JEMH app working in all other projects.

Adam Chudárek / Product Transformation Lead

Customer testimonial

“We knew from the beginning that we were in capable hands. Thanks to their dedication and
proactive approach, it was clear that with MoroSystems the migration from the server solution to the
cloud solution would be a blast.

There were multiple people and teams working on the project, so the coordination and synergy
between the two parties was essential.

Jira and Confluence are invaluable helpers in the company
and MoroSystems, with their expert knowledge of the entire environment, were able to effectively
help us fine-tune and adjust individual processes and settings.

If we were migrating again or setting up another environment, MoroSystems would be the obvious
choice to partner with Atlassian for our next adventure.”

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