DevOps Solution for ICZ

We have designed and implemented a universal code management solution, artifact repository, and support for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes.

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Project duration

06/2019 – 04/2020

Team size

4 people

Technology used

Bitbucket, Jenkins, Sonatype Nexus, Linux, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Windows Server, Docker


Customer Requirement

ICZ is a major supplier of information technology and a system integrator. It offers its clients a wide range of services from consultations through the supply of information systems to the complete transfer of the network to the entrusted administration. The client approached us with the need to create a universal solution for all its development teams, which will cover the functions of a common code repository, a repository of the resulting artifacts, and support for the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes.


As part of the solution, we implemented a common code repository in Bitbucket and Jenkins and Nexus tools. The combination of these tools allowed us not only to increase security, but above all to streamline and automate most of the tasks that the programmer must normally perform. This included mainly test and build automation and application deployment. Thanks to the already existing instance of Atlassian Jira and Confluence, we have completed the entire stack from task assignment, through documentation, to the development and automation itself.

In the first phase, the implementation was done into the customer’s environment using his servers. We configured the servers according to our infrastructure design. After deployment, we continued to further configure and interconnect the individual tools. At the same time, we prepared an introductory workshop for the client’s teams that signed up for the pilot operation of the solution. During the workshop, we helped development teams with the migration of existing repositories and their configuration according to the new solution.

After launching the pilot operation, we helped to fine-tune the environment according to the specific requirements of individual teams. During the pilot operation, administrators were also trained to manage the deployed solution, including the transfer of best practices from real operation.

The second phase of the project included a rollout of the entire solution, in which a larger number of client teams were involved. We have again prepared a joint workshop and introductory training for them.

Interesting Facts and Challenges

The agile implementation of the entire solution, allowed the client’s development teams to test our solution for several weeks from the beginning of the project. Another interesting factor was the addition of client representatives to our helpdesk, where we directly addressed specific questions about migration and the entire solution, which significantly accelerated joint communication, especially in the pilot phase of the project.

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