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MTS software development training

Advanced training and development workshop over Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

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Project duration

2 days

Team size

2 people

Technology used

Java, Atlassian Jira


Customer requirement

MTS company is engaged in innovations in the field of industrial production using modern technologies. Last year, they decided to raise the standard of project management across  the various technical teams. As a platform they chose the Atlassian Jira system, which they decided to customize according to their requirements. Above all, it was the integration with the internal ERP system, to which the cores of other systems also integrate. Due to the lack of capacity of Atlassian developers and the decision to solve the project in house, the client decided to train their existing developers. Therefore, we designed an intensive two-day tailor-made workshop for the client’s development team to help them overcome “teething problems” at the beginning of development on a new platform.


We wanted to avoid boring training with code samples and school examples. Instead, we organized a workshop where participants dealt with real business assignments. At the same time, they could try to write code and start the application themselves. During the workshop, participants also received tips, information on best practices and sample application development from the supervisor. Thanks to this, they can return to the assignment at any time and compare their solution with our solution. The whole workshop was accompanied by two experienced Atlassian developers with many years of experience. The second developer was supposed to help participants solve problems and keep up with the main developer.

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