Dobré víly dětem – NFT charity marketplace

Using the Tatum platform, we designed and built a unique blockchain NFT charity marketplace – one of a kind in the Czech Republic – for the non-profit organization Dobré víly dětem.

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Project length

10/2021 - 12/2021

Team size

5 people


Tatum, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, React, Redux, Redux Saga, Ant Design and Binance Smart Chain



Dobré víly dětem ( is a non-profit organization helping more than a hundred children from orphanages in the Czech Republic to improve their quality of life.


A group of volunteers associated under the heading of the non-profit organization Dobré víly dětem (Good Fairies for Children) finances its activities through public fundraising. In order to motivate a rather marginal group of donors – fans of IT technologies – they teamed up with MoroSystems and together we created, the first ever NFT charity marketplace in the Czech Republic. The Blockchain NFT technology was thus presented in a completely new light – as an innovative fundraising channel for non-profit organizations.


In order to raise awareness of the non-profit organization Dobré víly dětem among IT enthusiasts, we designed an unconventional and unique fundraising project aimed at the IT community. 

For the NFT charity marketplace, we took advantage of the growing trend of tokenized digital art. On the portal, a donor selects an image from the gallery, sends the chosen financial donation to the non-profit organization, and immediately after receives a token of the selected artwork in their crypto wallet as a reward.

We designed and built the NFT charity marketplace in a mere ten weeks. To ensure that the portal complies with the legal framework of the Czech Republic with regard to the regulation of operations with virtual assets, we have joined forces with a legal office. Working together, we were able to ensure compliance of the NFT charity marketplace with the requirements of the AML Directive (Anti-Money Laundering Act), the non-profit organization laws, and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).


We built the NFT charity marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain via the platform, for which we also act as a Platinum Partner. Within the framework of the application, we have developed functionalities for verifying the existence of a crypto wallet on the blockchain and automatic transfer of tokens between crypto wallets. We tokenized the images in the BEP-721 standard (ERC-721) and stored them on a decentralized IPFS storage. Because we needed to collect financial donations for the non-profit in fiat currency, we integrated a third-party payment gateway (GoPay). 

Angelika Nevěřilová / Founder of non-profit organization Dobré víly dětem

Customer testimonial

“When Tomáš Páral from MoroSystems approached me and told me that he had an interesting idea for a cooperation, I had no idea what it was all about. During the first meeting, terms like blockchain, NFT and token were mentioned and I thought: what the hell have you gotten yourself into? But the enthusiasm with which the MoroSystem team presented the project, and at the same time their enormous commitment, convinced me that we would go down an untrodden path. 

Now, thanks to the NFT portal, the Good Fairies project has succeeded in attracting the attention of the people from the IT area and new technologies who are not normally interested in charity events. At the same time, I believe that the project will help spread awareness of the NFT phenomenon among those who have not heard of it before. I’m looking forward to continuing this project and I really appreciate the reliable cooperation and personal approach. We are thankful that through technologies we can increasingly help children with difficult life circumstances.”

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