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T-Mobile Jira PMO system

We created and implemented in cooperation with T-Mobile a unified system for project management, time reporting and its subsequent capitalization within financial systems.

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Project duration

6/2017 - present

Team size

6 people

Technology used

Java , React, Atlassian Jira, Tempo Timesheets application and Tempo Planner


Customer requirement

The client turned to us with the need to implement a tool for planning and managing all types of project and line activities, including work reporting. The goal was to simplify and automate as much as possible work for 5,000 users and provide them with a user-friendly tool. The data then had to be prepared for capitalization.


The solution enables the management of all projects and line activities within the Czech and Slovak branches of T-Mobile. The tool is used by all T-Mobile employees for time reporting. The Management is provided with functions for capacity management, report approval, tracking, planning and reporting on project and line team data.

The first phase of the project included integration of the client database in Atlassian Jira tool with information about employees, their position in the organizational structure and membership in other groups within T-Mobile. We continued by creating an organizational structure of the company with easy employees’ search. This was followed by implementation of a time reporting system which combines custom development and commercial applications available in the Atlassian marketplace.

During the next phase the tool became an important source of data for capitalization of internal work within financial systems, as well as a tool for monitoring plans, capacities and real work. It was necessary to implement a set of reports, some of which were directly integrated into SAP solutions. Finally, functionalities were implemented and deployed to support the Change and Release management processes.

Interesting facts and challenges

Agile project management was adopted in cooperation with business owners of individual areas on the customer’s side. The application was designed to handle access of more than 5,000 employees and manage millions of records a month. It was also important to focus on application availability at peak times, mainly at the end of months when the timesheets are being processed and closed off.

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