tablet reservation system for restaurants


Bookio has set itself the goal of completely replacing paper reservation books and doing away with the need to make reservations by telephone, which is so annoying for diners. We won’t even go into e-mail reservations, which then wait hours, days or an eternity for confirmation.

Bookio is thus able to completely replace paper reservation books. A tablet is used instead of these with a pre-installed system and all reservations are simply entered into this regardless whether they were made by telephone, e-mail or via Bookio.


Our task was to implement a tablet reservation system independent of any specific platform, which restaurateurs will use as an electronic version of a reservation book. The tablet reservation system will communicate with a server application which will provide users the possibility of making reservations in restaurants according to their preferences and, at the same time, it will be possible to integrate this into the websites of restaurants and partner organisations.

The tablet reservation system currently handles 50,000 reservations per month.


We prepared a proposal for the system architecture for the customer on the basis of analysis of requirements. On the basis of these requirements, we decided to prepare the tablet application in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery/jQuery Mobile in such a way as to ensure that it is possible to launch this in a web browser. The application is not dependent on any chosen mobile platform.

The tablet application communicates with the server with the aid of REST services, where it saves and from where it takes data. The application supports off-line mode. After connection to the Internet, data is automatically synchronised with the server.

The server application is built on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, a Spring application framework, Hibernate and data is saved in PostgreSQL. The database contains several saved procedures for calculation of available tables in restaurants according to system settings and table occupancy.


  • Clear user interface
  • Tablet application with off-line mode which is not dependent on any platform
  • Easy integration into the websites of restaurants and partner organisations


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