Data analysis and implementation of reports and dashboards


We are developing our knowledge in the Business Intelligence area thanks to our customer AEVI, for whom we contribute to the project in the form of consultation and the delivery of customised solutions. AEVI is building an open ecosystem that delivers high added value to customers. It provides one solution that brings banks closer to their traders and traders closer to their consumers. Keboola manufactures and operates Keboola Connection, a staging layer on customer data. This staging layer serves as an intermediate layer between the BI platform and the outside world. GoodData is an Internet company offering a secure cloud platform for collecting, integrating, analyzing and presenting business information to gain a better understanding of market behavior and business contexts.


The project’s objective is to bring added value to AEVI and its customers based on the data that AEVI processes in the operated transaction systems. Thanks to our domain knowledge of transaction processing, together we can offer important information to AEVI’s customers and monitor important indicators of their business as well as AEVI’s business.


We contribute to the project in the form of consultation and implementation on the Keboola and GoodData platforms. In cooperation with the customer, we define the customer’s needs and apply them in the preparation of data documentation, reports and their graphical interpretation. The project team is composed of a BI specialist/consultant and Keboola/GoodData specialists.

Greatest challenges within the project:

  • Centralisation of data from various sources in a data warehouse
  • Data analysis and definition of business requirements
  • Working on Keboola and GoodData platforms
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