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Free2IT brings qualified ICT contractors directly to primary contractors without the need to use various middlemen and third parties which do not bring any added value to cooperation in its content or on the level of professional qualifications. Free2IT wants to offer companies the chance to find and contact the best external specialists directly without creating additional costs.


Our task was to prepare the Free2IT Portal which allows for connection of ICT specialist and ICT companies without middlemen. Free2IT provides users from the ranks of ICT freelancers a tool to record their knowledge, skills, experience and their preferences in terms of the work they are looking for, e.g. according to distance from their home, in a chosen city, according to chosen jobs or level of remuneration and many more. On the other hand, it allows ICT companies to issue the profile of the expert they are looking for (position, knowledge, skills and experience). Sophisticated algorithms work in the background which compare positions being searched for and the profiles of available specialists and offer these specialists the relevant positions according to their preferences. The ICT company never sees the profile of a freelancer who explicitly disagrees to this. Free2IT then provides both parties a platform for communication.


Implementation of the project took place in three phases. In the analytical phase, we prepared an analysis and proposal for the portal for the customer, which we immediately began to implement. We subsequently cooperated intensively on design of sophisticated search algorithms, which are able to work precisely with the profiles of specialists and situations vacant and to compare them on the basis of dozens of parameters. In all phases, we communicated and cooperated closely with the customer. Cooperation always took place by remote over Skype using our JIRA and Confluence information systems, which allowed us and the customer to have things under control.

On the basis of the customer’s requirements for sufficient performance and extensibility of the application, we chose a Java/JEE platform as the best possible solution. For implementation of the clear user interface, we used a Vaadin framework, which provides hundreds of pre-prepared components for the user interface. Perfect integration of Vaadin with Spring allowed us to use open and robust technology for implementation of application logic. Perfectly optimised Hibernate and PostgreSQL look after the data.

We are currently operating the system for the customer and developing it in accordance with their requirements in terms of services with a guaranteed reaction time in accordance with the SLA.

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