Payment solution for Shell petrol stations in the USA


We have been working on the ShellUS Project thanks to our customer AEVI, for whom we contribute to the project in the form of outsourcing development to our development team. AEVI is building an open ecosystem that delivers high added value to customers. It provides one solution that brings banks closer to their traders and traders closer to their consumers. Shell is one of the largest American manufacturers and traders in the petroleum industry. The company, which employs 92,000 people in more than 70 countries, specialises in petroleum, natural gas, their extraction, processing, manufacturing and, of course, the sales of products made from these raw materials. In the USA, more than 15,000 petroleum stations operate under the Shell brand, conducting millions of transactions every day.


With the onset of new technologies Shell decided to modernise the hardware and software at all of its petrol stations in the USA. Great demands on the speed of transaction processing, high system load as well as the safety of customer payment data processing were placed on the new software. We have been developing this interesting system continuously since 2013 and it has been deployed in production since 2014. Today, it is successfully running at more than 80% of all Shell petrol stations in the USA. If you ever buy anything at a Shell petrol station in the USA,that thanks to us you’ll be able to pay conveniently and quickly.

The solution that we helped build aimed at creating a trader platform that allows traders to use state-of-the-art payment methods and come close to the end customer using a wide range of loyalty programmes. In total, this solution is used by more than 14,000 petrol stations. The customer gains the possibility for the central management and distribution of the system configuration and updates.


Within this project, our analysts contributed to the system analysis and design, and our team led by a team leader provided the development of the server solution. Cooperation with our customer’s project manager, who was in charge of managing the entire project, was crucial for the success of the delivery.

The greatest challenge within the project was combining the great functionality of the system with high performance that is needed for the parallel processing of transactions at large American petrol stations.


  • Robustness
  • Stability
  • High performance and data throughput rate
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