Tool for managing the eBay marketing process

A tool for managing the eBay marketing process built on Atlassian JIRA for increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by 30%.


eBay is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. It employs approximately 35,000 people all over the world.

eBay is focused on on-line internet auctions. You can sell practically any type of goods via the portal. Apart from the conventional auction “bidding”, it is also possible to use the option to “Buy It Now” which means buying the goods immediately for the determined price. Apart from offers of goods from end users, eBay offers goods from original manufacturers of goods and retail chains. Almost exclusive use is made of the PayPal system to pay for selected goods. eBay currently registers approx. 150 million active customer accounts.

The so-called Center of Excellence has been in operation in the Czech Republic since 2008, an analytical and marketing centre for the European and Asian market. The Prague branch processes marketing campaigns and handles data analysis.


In terms of streamlining and consolidation of internal processes, the Center of Excellence in Prague decided to introduce an integrated tool for processing individual marketing requests.

Today, the whole process of implementation of a marketing campaign from job submission to implementation and evaluation lasts a few weeks on average. The process is participated in by both internal employees and also external agencies all across Europe. Proprietary tools and job submission by e-mail are currently used in individual teams without any comprehensive overview of individual requests. Individual stakeholders have no up-to-date overview of which status their campaign currently has. Are there no delays? Are graphic materials supplied in order? When should I start working on a campaign at the latest? Are there enough human resources for implementation of my Christmas campaign?

In order to deal with these requirements and make the whole process transparent, a decision was made to use a JIRA platform as the basic construction element of the whole process. eBay uses JIRA worldwide. This is why the decision was very “easy”.


With a view to the high demands on the user interface and large number of own attributes anticipated, decision was already made at the start of the project that all specific requirements of the customer would be implemented in a separate plugin.

To submit individual requirements, it was necessary to programme a complete new form including preparation of specific desktops for individual teams.

The plugin for eBay also implements extensive user workflow with dozens of transitions and several hundred user attributes. The actual marketing campaigns are based in particular on work with individual graphic materials (banners and marketing newsletters). These graphic materials are supplied by external agencies and come with specific metadata and this must be versioned. For these requirements, it was necessary to completely rewrite the mechanism for management of files in JIRA and to extend its possibilities.

In order to ensure correct and above all optimum planning of implementation of campaigns, it was necessary to implement a module for planning of human resources across all of the participating teams. To ensure visual control of optimum utilisation of teams, JQuery graphs were added, which compare the available capacity of the teams with the calculated demandingness of the campaign.

The European marketing department currently uses this modified version of JIRA from 07/2014. The first reactions from users were already very positive and further extensions are planned. The whole process is gradually being supplemented to include further functionalities and improvements which make it possible to shorten the process of implementation of a campaign by approx. 30%. The JIRA user plugin for eBay has replaced ineffective e-mail communication and other legacy software.

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