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Aevi: Evolution of the Payment System

Thousands of transactions are processed per minute with a response time of only milliseconds. For ten years, we’ve helped Aevi develop and power the core of their payment system – the Payment Gateway. In simple terms, it encompasses everything from placing the payment card to the terminal, to confirming successful payment.

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Project Duration

2013 - Present

Team size

10 - 20 people

Technologies used

Java, Spring ecosystem, Amazon Web Services


New Markets and Their Specific Needs

Aevi was searching for ways to enhance the payment solution for new customer segments and their unique requirements. To be successful, the upcoming payment solution had to meet several criteria: it needed to quickly route transactions to banks without error, integrate payments at self-service gasoline stations, and incorporate loyalty and fuel cards. Ease-of-solution development for other customers, such as hotels and restaurants, was also a requirement—all while adhering to the highest international PCI-DSS security standards.

Millions of Secure Transactions Per Day

We have created a next-generation payment system capable of processing millions of transactions per day with a response time of less than 200 milliseconds. In doing so, we have had to navigate the complexity of the international banking environment and its security standards. Aevi can rely on the continuous availability and flawless operation of the system in a cloud environment. Our solutions are trusted by industry-leading petrol businesses in France, Germany, Benelux or USA.

“MoroSystems has been involved in three generations of our flagship product – the payment gateway. They have consistently tackled non-trivial challenges when designing their solutions, whether dealing with a large number of real-time transactions, cybersecurity, or high availability. They have enabled us to leverage innovative technologies and system architectures that enhance the overall stability of our systems and have supported us in complex negotiations with our customers. Thanks for that, and keep up the good work.”

Miroslav Pekárek, COO at Aevi

About the Partner

Aevi simplifies in-person payments by bringing all transactions together on one cloud-based payment orchestration platform. They are committed to creating an open ecosystem for payments, integrating any payment types, payment and value-added applications, and services into one open and flexible solution, collaborating with industry partners across the value chain. Learn more at

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