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Konica Minolta AIRe Lens

We have created a software solution for hands-free augmented reality, including an out-of-box application.

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Project duration

9/2017 - present

Team size

3 people

Technology used

Spring Boot and Angular


Customer requirement

Konica Minolta AIRe Lens delivers a hands-free augmented reality (AR) that greatly facilitates work in modern industrial manufacturing. The users of the product are mainly companies looking for a reliable system for step-by-step guidance and remote assistance using AR technology. Originally, the client needed to take over and rewrite an older unfinished software solution originating in Japan. So, not only did we have to take over the project, including the original Japanese commentaries, we also often lacked the source code completely.


We took over the original solution, thoroughly studied it and eventually built it all over again, using more modern technologies and allowing easy adjustments and further development. Our solution includes design and development of software (server and web client), services (platform for updating and centralized content management) and out-of-the-box applications mainly used in the manufacturing sector. In addition to step-by-step guidance and remote support, AIRe Lens also has an accelerometer for head movement control, video, audio and photos recording and sharing.

Interesting facts and challenges

AIRe Lens is a completely original product. Therefore, during its development, we placed strong demands on flawless fulfillment of very specific client requirements. The key was our rapid response to incorporating the requirements of customers who used the equipment in practice and continually came up with new designs. Support designed specifically for this hardware was also important.

Boris Brinza / Senior Java Developer

project architecture design, development

“What was really challenging was not only to combine Java server development, client applications in js, communication with HW and the system using bash scripts but also to solve it all as an R&D project. And on top of that, the comments in the original source code were in Japanese. The project has been successful thanks to the team of people working on the project not only in MoroSystems, but also in Konica in Brno.”

Ondrej Siles / Java Developer


“Occasionally work on a project involves full stack development. From bash script, processing on Java server and using REST API to client (mostly Angular). This brings new challenges and one is definitely not bored. The project is going in the right direction. Mainly thanks to seamless communication between MoroSystems and Konica.

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