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We defined and built a minimal viable product (MVP) of Flecto, the digital talent platform which aims to improve matching between workers and jobs. By using agile methods, we were able to calculate an accurate budget estimate for the project.

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Project length

03/2021 - 12/2021

Team size

5-8 people


React, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Google Cloud Platform



Flecto taps into the gig economy by presenting an on-demand talent platform that connects employers with workers who – for various reasons – cannot be tied to one employer. The platform divides full-time work into partial shifts. Platform users then create their own work schedule by picking the most suitable shifts.


The Flecto project co-founders Kateřina Tkadlecová and Jana Stehlíková needed to create a clear and simple system with a 24/7 availability  – one that is easy to navigate not only for job seekers, but also for HR managers who manage the shifts in the Flecto system. From the very beginning, the co-founders have cooperated intensively with us on the development of the platform.


In the first phase of the project we helped our clients define the MVP. The clients approached us with a clearly defined budget, a deadline for completion, and an idea of the system we are going to build. However, they lacked a system specification. Using the User Story Mapping method, we jointly determined which parts of the system to build first and which to postpone until later. 

We have also advised our clients on more complex business decisions. For example, in a situation when they were considering whether to build a mobile application, or when we were figuring out how the portal would send notifications to the users. 

In the second phase of the project we tested the MVP and developed other functionalities. After building the basic MVP, it was time for testing among real and potential clients and candidates. In addition to the features identified by our clients as business-critical, we gradually started to develop the features that proved to be important among the users during testing. 


Thanks to using agile methodologies we were able to develop accurate workload estimates. Instead of estimating man-days (MDs) in hours, we used a workload estimation using a relative unit of measurement called the Story Points (SPs). We estimated all the system functionalities (features) and for each of them we determined the relative workload in SPs and the price per 1 SP. The clients then decided on what features to develop in the next sprints based on the price and their own priorities. 

We were able to estimate the workload really well thanks to our agile approach: we did not exceed the total project budget, we stayed below the original estimates by more than 3 %. In addition, we managed to deliver 2 more SPs than we planned.

Kateřina Tkadlecová / Co-founder of Flecto

Client testimonial

“The project team was very well built in terms of competencies and experience. We were really enthused by the team’s approach and commitment to the project. Agile project management is time-consuming for both the customer and the software development company, but it provides a great deal of flexibility – and that’s why we can definitely recommend it. The platform was developed on-time and in high quality. It was a really great ride, and we really enjoyed it.”

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