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AEVI: Payment solutions for Total

Together with AEVI, we created a centralized payment solution for Total petrol stations in France, Germany, Benelux and Poland.

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Project duration

05/2012 – present

Team size

10 people

Technology used

Java, WildFly, Oracle, Spring, Hibernate, Ehcache, Hazelcast a MyBatis


Customer requirement

Total decided to build a centralized payment solution for its petrol station network in Europe. Project was commissioned to our client AEVI, who established cooperation with us based on previous experience.


The solution helps millions of people in Western Europe make quick cashless payments for fuel. We participated in the analysis, development and testing of the entire system. The first phase dealt mainly with the analysis and architecture of the system in which we actively participated. This was followed by roughly one year of intensive development, where we developed central part of the solution. The most important part was performance testing where we worked with the customer. In the last phase the project was put into pilot operation and then gradually rolled out.

Interesting facts and challenges

The system must be able to process several thousand transactions per minute while being always available – guaranteed availability is 99.99%. For this reason, it runs on two synchronized data centres which means that in case of failure of one of them the traffic is automatically redirected to the functional data centre.

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